BMW Concept 8 Series Front 3/4 View BMW Concept 8 Series Front 3/4 View


The BMW Concept 8 Series combines the agility of an athlete with the manner of a gentleman. Concentrated power meets modern luxury, while perfect dynamism meets timeless elegance.

Forward thrust in every line.

The silhouette of the BMW Concept 8 Series spreads low and powerfully over the road. The perfect interplay of a long bonnet and flowing roofline bring dynamic allure to the car's flanks, while the striking upward sweep of the concept's trailing edge provides a crisp conclusion to the car's rearward flow. The large kidney grille widens as it as it descends to emphasise the vehicle’s low centre of gravity while the headlights stare resolutely onto the road.

BMW Concept 8 Series Rear

Razor-sharp dynamics.

There is only one place to continue the story of an automobile icon: the racetrack. Its dynamic exterior hints at the power contained within the BMW Concept 8 Series. Even when standing still, this expressive sports coupé leaves no doubt as to the superlative driving experience in store.

BMW Concept 8 Series Gearstick

Motor racing DNA meets exclusivity.

Once sat behind the wheel, the driver is wrapped in the tightly enclosed setting of a sports coupé.

Every surface and line of the interior surges forward in the direction of travel. Slim sports seats completed with red stitching and high-quality Merino leather combine with the carbon fibre panelling to make the driver feel at home on the road and the racetrack.

BMW Concept 8 Series Interior

A driver's car.

The innovative features of the BMW Concept 8 Series open up a world of thrilling new driving experiences. As on the racetrack, drivers have the most important information presented directly in their line of sight, thus allowing them to concentrate fully on driving. In addition, the new user interface design presents a modern interpretation of the previously round, analogue display instruments.

BMW Concept 8 Series Front
BMW Concept 8 Series Kidney Grille
BMW Concept 8 Series Rear Lights
BMW Concept 8 Series Interior
BMW Concept 8 Series Side Panels
BMW Concept 8 Series