BMW Sports Collections


Sport has always played a decisive role in the history of BMW, not only in motorsport, but in all areas where exceptional performance is rewarded. Our BMW Sports Collections will make you look your best, whether on the track, attending a motor race, going for a spot of sailing or hitting the golf course.



The comfort zone, redefined. Be ready for anything with BMW Active. Lightweight materials and an unusual test car camo pattern inspired by the automotive world make this collection an ideal and highly individualistic companion.

BMW Motorsport collection.

Made for success: the BMW Motorsport Collection excites all generations of motorsport experts. Sporty designs, classic cuts and premium materials ensure that you will always make a strong impression – both on the track and off.


Golf is about getting things right. This applies to equipment as much as it does to playing the game. The BMW Golfsport Collection satisfies these expectations with contemporary designs and premium materials selected for their ability to deliver function. The perfect tools to meet any challenge.

BMW motorSPORT heritage collection.

The 70s: A golden age for BMW Motorsport. The spirit of these times has now returned. The BMW Motorsport Heritage Collection, inspired by iconic designs, lets you experience the drive of times gone by in every fibre.